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Many patients have old silver fillings like this. They don’t hurt, they aren’t sensitive, and patients may even say, “I can eat anything!” Fillings like this always have decay underneath, and if left untreated, they frequently lead to root canals, or worse, extractions.

When another dentist first placed these fillings back in 1980, they were better sealed and were very chew-worthy. Inevitably, 40-year-old, and in some instances even 10-year-old fillings, need to be replaced.

Dr. Gotsch always advocates replacing silver fillings before they look this broken-down. Sometimes, we can replace them with composite — a tooth-colored material. In some situations, however, larger silver fillings, like these, require a porcelain crown.

We frequently use a small camera to show you a small crack or a gap next to an old silver filling. This helps you understand your needs, and if you have dental insurance, we can attach a picture of the weakened tooth to your claim.

Mention that you read about this upgrade when you set up your next appointment at Elmhurst Smiles and we’ll adjust the fee by 5% for your new crown or filling! Come meet with our dentist in Elmhurst, Illinois, today!

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