Sometimes, a diagnostic model, which is made from an impression of your teeth, can be used to simulate changes to your smile. Dr. Gotsch adds a specialized dental sculpting wax on top of this model and uses it to confer with his dental laboratory technician and possibly a referring colleague to compose a treatment plan. Once they put their heads together, then Dr. Gotsch will present his findings to you and ask your opinion. He’ll also use photos to customize the size, color and shape of your smile.

While dental technology has advanced and now allows us to make 3D digital models of your teeth, many dentists, including Dr. Gotsch, continue to create and use wax-up models when planning your treatment; this allows him to assess your mouth before, during and after treatment and to use virtual veneers, bridges, crowns and other restorations on the model to help ensure that they will fit and function properly.

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