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We understand that it can be challenging for some people to walk through our door.  Some patients feel more secure with a warm blanket while others feel less anxious with nitrous oxide (a mild sedative that’s safely inhaled, along with oxygen).  Many patients tune out the noises associated with treatment (and yes, we mean "the drill") by wearing earbuds or headphones throughout their appointment.

Oral Hygiene

A healthy, bacteria-free mouth can potentially save your life…. fact or fiction?  Fact!  Both dental and medical research have proven that your oral health heavily influences your systemic health.  They've discovered that bacteria and the caustic toxins that they produce can affect your heart health.  So, if you maintain a healthy mouth and see us for your scheduled hygiene appointments, then there's a chance that you can decrease your risk factors for some systemic diseases.

Sleep Apnea Treatment

Many of us know someone who "snores like a freight train".  Medical research has shown that many snorers don’t ever get a good night’s sleep; they often stop breathing for extended periods and wake up gasping for air.  This is called sleep apnea.  The gold standard of treatment for sleep apnea is CPAP, a medical device which forces air down a patient’s throat.  Dr. Gotsch advocates CPAP, however some CPAP appliances can be irritating to the point where it isn't worn.  For snoring and mild-to-moderate cases of sleep apnea, Dr. Gotsch can design a dental appliance that helps keep the airway open, resulting in a more restful sleep (for you and your partner).


Everyone has a different answer to the question "What's the most important thing about your smile?"  Many say "I wish that my teeth were whiter", while others might reply "I'd like my teeth to be straighter".  Believe it or not, sometimes you can improve the appearance of your smile by following some simple take home advice from our hygienist.  We celebrate with patients when we can help them improve their smiles!

Dental Implants

Implants are as close as we can come to replace a missing tooth or multiple teeth.  Dr. Gotsch works in tandem with a surgeon who places the implant(s), then Dr. Gotsch attaches crowns on top of them. Patients say, “They look like my teeth, chew like my teeth, and feel natural”.  Implants can support a single tooth, multiple teeth, or even all of your teeth.  Patients who have had a denture are thrilled that they no longer need to take out their “plate” throughout a meal to clean out underneath it.

TMD/TMJ Treatment

Nearly all of us grind our teeth; especially when we sleep.  This habit can lead to: enamel chips and wear; fractured porcelain crowns; teeth shifting; gum and surrounding bone deterioration; and sometimes even jaw joint pain (TMD).  TMD, often referred to as TMJ, can often be treated very conservatively with a night guard.  Such an appliance also helps decrease the chances of tooth/crown wear, shifting and gum/bone breakdown. 




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